00234_1-768x1024Contact Information

email: dracoud {at} gmail {dot} com

Current Position

Postdoctoral Fellow – Applied Mathematics group, University of California, Merced (PI: Shilpa Khatri)

Past Position

Postdoctoral Fellow — Mathematics Department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PI: Laura Miller /Miller Lab )


Ph.D., Integrative Biology — University of California, Berkeley, 2012

Dissertation: “The Fluid Dynamics of Odor Capture by Crabs”

Chair: Mimi A.R. Koehl  Prof. Koehl’s Website

B.S., Biology — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2006 (Minors: Physics, Chemistry)

Personal History

I was that kid who was always asking too many questions, getting into the mud, and bringing home “pets” of all shapes, sizes and species!